Award-Winning Photographer Brings UK Manufacturing into Focus

Award-Winning Photographer Brings UK Manufacturing into Focus

Striking images that help businesses stand out from the crowd are helping the UK manufacturing industry.

That is the message from award-winning* industrial photographer Adrian Waine, who turns everyday industrial situations into striking scenes that grab people’s attention.

Adrian’s business, Photography for Industry, focuses on UK manufacturing to create provocative images which generate attention – while supporting British business.

No “Stock” in Trade

“Having worked in hundreds of factories and plants, I believe that a strong visual presence gives an organisation the edge over the competition when it comes to attracting and retaining clients,” enthuses Adrian.

Manufacturers are investing in photography for a reason – they want to stand out,” Adrian continues. “They don’t want stock images, but something that reflects them and what they do”.

“I have been to trade shows where three businesses were using the same stock image, while each claimed to offer something different.

This would not happen with commissioned photography where your company’s individuality is specifically represented”

Adrian Waine, Photography for Industry

Whether it is a manufacturing process, a tanker or huge machinery running at high speed, it is Adrian’s attention to detail that makes his work – and his clients – stand out.

Visualise Success

Manufacturers need to sell everyday products such as bottles or jars or simple containers, and illustrate their ability to make and supply them in large numbers, maintaining a consistent quality throughout.

“Take soup or paint for instance,” explains Adrian. “The container is paramount for the manufacturer, so stunning photographs of simple, everyday items like these can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

UK manufacturing of containers
CREDIT: Coral Products plc. Taken by Photography for Industry

Create Possibilities

After 30 years, Adrian is still passionate about what he does and gets a buzz creating award-winning images.

“I get a thrill out making something out of nothing,” Adrian concludes. “Clients often think that they have something that is too difficult to photograph, so it is great that they have confidence in me to get the results they want.”

*Adrian won the professional category in the 2017 and 2018 EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition and was runner up in 2016.

To discover how he can transform your ordinary into extraordinary, please call 0151 356 3855 or visit

FEATURED IMAGE, BY PHOTOGRAPHY FOR INDUSTRY: Bringing the inanimate to life, using colour and movement to demonstrate the world of a glass manufacturing process.

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