We Want to Hear Your Manufacturing Story


In the world of manufacturing, the story of how you have helped a business can be more powerful than the information about what you actually do or make for them.  What I mean by this is, the ‘legacy’ of your work is what stays in the mind and is the most powerful message that you could ever use when marketing your business.

This is because stories, if written in an engaging and informative way, will resonate with your prospective audience and thereby gain their attention.

Your stories can be used to great effect in many other ways – by your sales team, on your website and in particular at an event or exhibition, where you may end up face-to-face with your prospect for the very first time.

You may only have a short time to engage with these prospects – at least until your next exhibition.

That prospect may of course already know exactly what they want and has found you intentionally – but that represents a tiny percentage of your potential market.  The vast majority of your target audience may not yet be aware of you, your business and your products and services and how you could help them.

If you have just a short time to catch their attention and get them quickly engaged with your business, then you need to get together a well-focused story that has real impact.

Watch the video to see how at M3 Media Publishing, we do this for others in the manufacturing sector.

Through Manufacturing Matters, we not only create the stories around your business, but we look into all aspects of your company – from your workforce to your products and the social impact that you may have on the world around us.

These wider issues are becoming critical when, as an employer you are trying to recruit or maybe need stakeholder investment. Global issues are particularly important when dealing with the challenges of engagement with the new generation of millennials being attracted to manufacturing.

Manufacturing Matters is our flagship magazine for this sector.


Why not Make Manufacturing Matters your Media Partner?

Manufacturing Matters has been produced to support the manufacturing sector with positive stories about the incredible innovation and top-quality work being done across the sector.

We aim to encourage young people into the sector and provide information about the support that is on offer for improving and developing all aspects of manufacturing.

We can talk about you, your team your products and your stories. We can raise your profile and let others know the work you are doing in this vibrant and valuable sector to the UK

If you want to get your message to others, talk about the innovations your business has achieved, show us the great work being done your people or maybe offer your thoughts, then why not consider working alongside our media team?


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David Lomas
CEO, M3 Media Publishing
David Lomas