Manufacturing Showcase

This video showcase highlights innovation, news, issues, events, and the key people driving the manufacturing sector.

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Greg Searle MBE improves team dynamics for manufacturers

Greg Searle MBE, from Keys Business Concierge, helps manufacturers benefit enormously from their dynamic teams of workers.

Finch Electronics highlights AI’s lasting impact on manufacturing

Jeremy Hacking, from Finch Electronics, discusses artificial intelligence's opportunities for measuring and sharing data, and improving processes for manufacturers?

David Atkinson highlights the impact of UK manufacturing

David Atkinson, the UK Head of Manufacturing at Lloyds Banking Group highlights the economic impact this sector is now having, and why we should not underestimate the air of positivity and optimism surrounding manufacturing in Britain.

Ubuntu HR help you grow your future leaders

Lisa Gower, from Ubuntu HR, explains how you can discover and inspire your future leaders and innovators.

Toucan Telemarketing aids manufacturing growth

Paula Bates, from Toucan Telemarketing, highlights how telemarking helps manufacturers increase product awareness, customer engagement and sales.

Premium Collections improves cash flow for manufacturers

Paul Daine, from Premium Collections, highlights how manufacturers can improve their cash flow to help them operate more smoothly.

Toucan Telemarketing supports manufacturers to survive and thrive

Paula Bates, from Toucan Telemarketing, explains why telemarketing could be a decisive factor in how manufacturers survive and thrive

Finch Electronics highlight the need for manufacturers to innovate and create value

Jeremy Hacking, from Finch Electronics, explains why innovation and value creation are viable alternatives to producing at either high value or high volume?

Value Exchange advises manufacturers about the benefits of LinkedIn

Nigel Cliffe, from Value Exchange, explains why maintaining a presence on LinkedIn should not be too far removed from the realities of day-to-day manufacturing.

MACH 2018 Day 1 with Sir Ben Ainslie

Sir Ben Ainslie discusses the importance of engineering for The America's Cup, and inspiring the next generation of engineers and designers.

MACH 2018 Day 2 – With Steph McGovern, BBC

Steph McGovern discloses her background in engineering and the importance of showcasing the cutting edge of technology.

MACH 2018 Day 3 – With Dave Atkinson, Lloyds Banking Group (1)

Dave Atkinson discusses the vibrancy of the manufacturing sector, and Mach 2018

MACH 2018 Day 3 – With Dave Atkinson, Lloyds Banking Group (2)

Dave Atkinson explains the importance of Lloyds Banking Group showcasing manufacturing excellence.

MACH 2018 Day 4 – With Juergen Maier, CEO, Siemens UK

Juergen Maier discusses manufacturing's impact on the economy.