Manufacturing Connections Event August 2023

Manufacturing Connections Event August 2023

As companies continue to strive to grow and maintain a competitive edge over their competitors, representatives from across the manufacturing sector held a lively and stimulating debate around innovation, and its impact on growth.

The meeting opened by asking attendees three key questions to get the conversation and debate flowing:

· What part does innovation play in growth for manufacturing?
· What’s preventing the sector from growing?
· Do we get enough support from the Government?

Mike Maddock, MD & Co-owner of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, stressed the absolute importance of innovation as a pathway to growth and success.

Mike said: “Innovation is key and it’s the foundation stone to everything. One thing we always say from the manufacturing point of view, is that if you look around yourself and try and show me something that hasn’t been innovated and manufactured then you’re going to be hard pressed to try and find anything.

“I had a very clever school kid who pushed back when I was presenting at a school several years ago and said ‘grass.’ This was great, but of course we’ve now got genetic manufacturing as well.

“Innovation just covers everything. It’s a mindset and an approach you must take… Technology is moving so fast, and the education system just isn’t keeping up with it.”

The importance of manufacturing was echoed by James Wasdell, MD of Holcombe Associates, who added: “Innovation is a massive subject. Innovation means change, whether this is hardware, process, style, or culture. People find change incredibly difficult.

“As a population we’re not keeping pace with change which is necessary. It comes back to the mindsets, the fears, and the concerns of people. It’s people that need to change and people that need to put new innovations into place and make any changes work.”

Meanwhile, Steve Whettingsteel, CEO and Group Managing Director of Krysteline Technologies, recognised the importance of diversity when recruiting new staff into a business.

Steve said: “Our experience with, particularly, Eastern Europeans is extremely positive but we know that there’s an awful lot of prejudice in the country which prevents integration of other nationalities. This is a real crime.
“We can learn from those people we bring into the business, and I think we should probably focus a little bit more on bringing diversity into the business – skills coming in from other countries, so you bring in the learning of other countries.”

Manufacturing Connections – launched by leading industry title Manufacturing Matters Magazine  – gives anyone working in the manufacturing sector a unique opportunity to come together to share knowledge, ideas and expertise with like-minded individuals and showcase products and services.

Unlike traditional networking groups, the events are driven by topical conversations and ‘thought leadership.’

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