Why Must Manufacturers Not Lose Online Visibility?

Why Must Manufacturers Not Lose Online Visibility?

Increasingly, in a digital world, every business is customer facing, whether they know it or not.

This is the message that Jonathan Guy of Aqueous Digital wants to get across to businesses in the UK’s manufacturing sector.

“Your website must have a purpose, otherwise you risk becoming invisible online, and losing out to your competition.”


Why Do Manufacturers’ Websites Fail?

“For a surprising number of business owners, even now, a website is not a priority. However, for those that do, this will only make a difference if they use it as an effective marketing channel.”

There is no “do nothing” option for a website. For it to work it must build and maintain marketing traction.


“For manufacturers who specialise in working within a specific field or niche, the whole concept of online marketing can seem alien, if not uncomfortable”

Jonathan Guy, Aqueous Digital


“The issue is not confined to online marketing and websites, but actually concerns the wider concept of marketing as a whole. For some businesses, it is simply something they do not fully grasp.”

The point is that the internet has massively increased the potential for connecting directly with a target audience, even if that audience is specialised.

“You might think your area of interest is too narrow and your audience too selective for you to make your mark online, but you’d be wrong. People are searching, and it is up to you to provide them with the answers they’re looking for.”


Content and Context

Manufacturers with a niche audience can use this to their advantage online.

“A successful website need not be mass-market. Just as manufacturers themselves are developing the tools of mass-customisation, so a website can connect meaningfully with a specific target audience.”

The focus must be on the user experience, as it increasingly is with the Internet of Things in a manufacturing context.

“You can use your website to both attract and engage with your target audience, providing you use content strategically.”

Content in the right context works to raise awareness and to improve a site’s search engine rankings.

“You should think in terms of a content strategy. This might combine organic search engine optimisation with pay per click campaigns. What matters most, though, it that you understand the audience you’re appealing to.”


Analytics and Visitor Visibility

As important as a website’s front of house activity, is what goes on backstage, behind the scenes.


“Increasingly, as modern manufacturing is becoming data-led, a website should be a rich source of data, gathering information about who visits, and revisits, and being ready to engage with them based on what their web visits tell you about them”

Jonathan Guy, Aqueous Digital


For this reason, putting the right analytics in place is an essential element in a business website. Furthermore, it should look at quality as well as quantity.

A successful website is not simply about the numbers. If you’ve developed a sound marketing strategy around it, then you’re looking to attract and engage with a type of visitor, particular to your objectives.”

Visibility is vital. Manufacturers need to attract interest online, analyse it, and be ready to act on it.

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