Manufacturers’ Improvement Initiative

Greatness for UK manufacturers

Manufacturers, are you leveraging the post-Brexit opportunity which now presents itself?

There is now a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Great Britain’s manufacturers to leverage the potential created from recent political events to help them gain and retain greatness.

The M3 Manufacturers’ Improvement Initiate will help you maximise this opportunity.

What is The M3 Manufacturers’ Improvement Initiative?

Manufacturing Matters Magazine, published by M3 Media Publishing, has launched this new initiative to stimulate improvement or help you meet the challenges of manufacturing in a world, where on time delivery matters, where skilled staff are at a premium and where recent changes to trading arrangements will present opportunities to grow businesses.

In part, this is achieved through a series of Thought Leadership Discussion Events.

Thought Leadership Discussion Events

Held every 2 months, manufacturers and those in supporting industries, join us for round table facilitated discussion.

Here, participants will discover and debate new ideas, share knowledge, gain insights, and address the new and continuing challenges facing the manufacturing sector.

Over the series of discussions, we cover issues such as:

  • Corporate funding
  • Technology implementation
  • Automation
  • Leveraging 5G for process improvements
  • Discovering and capturing additional profits
  • Creating realistic sustainability promises
  • High performance accounting
  • Safety, security and resilience
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Foreign exchange
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Fast tracking international trade

To whom are these events aimed?

This forum is for directors and leaders in the manufacturing sector, who:

  • have one eye on the future
  • have a mind to embrace both change and innovation
  • are North West based (other regional events coming soon)
  • employ 10 or more people
  • have an annual turnover of over £2m