Less Common Metals Reveals a Key to Defy Manufacturing Doubts

Less Common Metals Reveals a Key to Defy Manufacturing Doubts

In times of political turmoil, investing in your business can be a tricky decision. Studies show that 64% of new businesses underestimate their costs in the first year.

This indecision also affects well-established businesses.

According to the ONS, UK business spending on ICT equipment, machinery and other tools fell by 0.5% in Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018.

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 cites Brexit uncertainty and lack of faith in government policy for stalled investment. So while we’re waiting for this to blow over, how else can manufacturers stay steady?

Increased Credibility and Perception

Just ask Chris Hall, Commercial and Technical Director Manager at Less Common Metals.

In 2012, Hall called upon the talents of industrial photographer, Adrian Waine, to boost his marketing materials. Since then, Waine has worked in many areas at the alloy manufacturer’s site, from the factory to the boardroom.

“We’re very happy with the results of Adrian Waine’s photography, particularly from a marketing point of view. Company credibility and perception have increased”

Chris Hall, Less Common Metals

In particular, Hall notes a comment he received at a business conference in Chicago. “I was asked if we had invested in a lot of new machinery, as I’d included Adrian’s photographs in my presentation.”

“We were still working with the same kit, but the photographs completely changed the perception of the company.”

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Return

Any professional will tell you that marketing is all about perception.

By reviving his promotional materials with a new selection of photographs, Hall was able to create an image of innovation and a welcoming office environment.

“Visitors always remark on the four large images hanging in the boardroom, saying how striking and impressive they are, and how they’ve entirely changed the look and feel of the room”

Chris Hall, Less Common Metals
Less Common Metals boardroom
IMAGE: 46” canvas prints in the Less common Metals boardroom

Capturing a hazardous environment with high temperatures and alloy metals is no mean feat.

Despite its challenges, Hall says Adrian Waine always photographs at the right time to minimise disruption. “He always keeps to a minimum by working around appropriate shift patterns.”

New Plans

While UK manufacturing may have paused investment in equipment, now is the time to strike with photography.

Hall’s team are looking forward to using Waine’s photographs with their newly appointed marketing department.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 32% of marketers says visual images are the most important form of content
  • Relevant imagery increases information retention by 55%
  • 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.

“There is no doubt that an investment in high-quality photography is a wise choice for today’s manufacturers, to improve perceptions and weather the political storms for a significant length of time to come,” Chris concludes.

Manufacturing Matters Magazine thanks Chris Hall for his contribution.

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Featured image by Adrian Waine: Neodymium flakes manufactured by Less Common Metals, an essential component in permanent magnets

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