Are Manufacturers Underestimating the Power of LED Lighting?

Are Manufacturers Underestimating the Power of LED Lighting?

Energy costs change, being subject to market forces, but change means uncertainty, which is can be a problem when it comes to strategic planning for production.

Manufacturers need flexibility and adaptability to meet economic challenges, but they also need the right supporting structures in place to give them a firm footing.

An Energy Strategy is one of these supports, because it can help to mitigate the effects of volatility in the energy market and help them maintain or improve their margins. The cornerstone of an energy strategy is lighting.

Nick Walls, Sales Director at Daker Ltd, explains the benefits of LED lighting for manufacturers.


Lighting the Way

“No other technology can offer the same degree of power reduction, while also improving on performance at the same time.  However, many businesses seem to not realise just how versatile LED lighting has become.”

“The technology has advanced whereby LED lighting can illuminate wider areas from greater heights. Originally their use was restricted to situations where the light source would be much nearer to the surface it was illuminating.”

Now LED lighting works for:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Industrial units and external areas
  • Retail spaces and offices


“The digital revolution has caught up with the lighting industry. Now factory spaces can have a light control system to ensure manufacturers are only using the light they need, and that it is of exactly the correct quality for its illuminating purposes.”


Selling the Benefits

Is there a lack of awareness around LED lighting solutions across the manufacturing sector, or even a sense of inertia regarding change?

“People aren’t always receptive to change when it involves something they’ve traditionally had in a set format. There may also be some confusion about where to go for a solution, with so many suppliers entering the energy market.”

The return on investment from LED lighting comes from having the right kind of LED lamps that will provide a long-life illumination solution.  Furthermore, LED lights become more efficient when integrated with automated systems that allow for illumination based on occupancy.

“Intelligent controls can detect when there aren’t people present, and automatically turn lights off.”


“The right kind of lighting contributes to productivity in workplaces, helping the mood of the workforce while properly illuminating tasks.  This kind of smart technology, combined with savings on energy costs and lighting maintenance, is ideal for manufacturers”

Nick Walls, Daker Ltd


“Essentially LED lighting systems should be fit-and-forget, based on a detailed and appropriate specification,” concludes Nick.  “This makes this kind of long-term energy efficient investment attractive and affordable.”

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