Invo Capital Builds Your Competitive Edge in the Age of Innovation

Invo Capital Builds Your Competitive Edge in the Age of Innovation

For many businesses, the key to success is keeping a competitive edge. In a time where technology is constantly evolving, keeping that edge has never been more important. But that doesn’t make it any easier to hold on to.

Whether it’s maximising the efficiency of your company’s workflow, optimising output, creating new products or upgrading current ones, research and development comes at a cost.   It takes time, manpower and above all, money.

Could the businesses that aren’t focused on an R&D strategy be at greater risk than they realise?

The Risks

“If a business lacks innovation, it could lead to a rapid loss of market share,” warns Luke Sampson, Managing Director at Invo Capital.

“Most manufacturing companies are always, in some regard, at threat from disruptors”

Luke Sampson, Invo Capital

“There’s always a risk that another company will develop new machinery or adopt some novel technology, such as artificial intelligence, which makes their processes more efficient.”

“When this happens, their costs become lower and other companies can’t compete.”

The Costs

Fortunately, with the government’s ambitions to make the UK the most innovative country in the world, there’s plenty of financial support for those willing to dedicate resources to researching and developing new technologies.

“Companies that we have worked with have been able to successfully claim 25%-33% of their qualifying spend through R&D tax credits alone

Luke Sampson, Invo Capital

“By working with businesses to reduce the cost of research and development, we help companies stay competitive and maximise profits.”

“What’s more, is that companies can claim R&D tax relief on any innovative project that’s been completed in the last two accounting periods, which could be equal to 3 years prior,” concludes Luke.

Invo Capital operates on a ‘success-only’ fee basis, and offer free consultations.

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