Where is the Value in Effective Industrial Communication?

Where is the Value in Effective Industrial Communication?

Take a look through any photographer’s portfolio and you’ll likely be struck by the imagery. Heart-pounding action shots, evocative close-ups and radiant colours all spring to mind.

Words are likely the last thing to crop up, and yet, they are probably the most important. Just ask Joanna Canton Long, Marketing Communications Manager at Atlas Copco.

As a manufacturer of compressed air equipment, Atlas Copco relies heavily on industry photography for its communications.

“I always like to work with a photographer who can communicate well with our customers,” says Joanna, who regularly works with Adrian Waine, founder of Photography for Industry.

Atlas Copco have been using Adrian’s services for five years now, and say it is his interaction that really sets him apart from the rest.

The Award-winning Formula

“When choosing a photographer, it’s not just their knowledge of the industry that’s important,” says Joanna.

“Photographers must have a real interest in the subject matter, which results in better interaction with the customer, and ultimately, better photos”

Joanna Canton Long, Atlas Copco

The proof was in the pudding for Adrian Waine when this shot won him Best Professional Photographer at the 2017 EEF Manufacturing Photography competition:

A kitchen worktop being cut and shaped using water power. Shot commissioned by Atlas Copco Compressors at Natural Stone Surfaces, Buxton.
A kitchen worktop being cut and shaped using water power. Shot commissioned by Atlas Copco Compressors at Natural Stone Surfaces, Buxton.

Using this image, from his Atlas Copco portfolio, not only gained Adrian extra press coverage, but also Atlas Copco.

“My images are used for exhibition backdrops and online case studies,” says Adrian.

“The team at Atlas Copco were thrilled with the extra media traction they got from the award win.”

Why do Words Matter?

Though the skills matter behind the lens, Adrian’s many clients can attest that communication is key for photography.

Joanna adds: “Customers do not always understand the time it takes to get that perfect shot. With Adrian, he clearly explains exactly what he needs to do.”

“The success of shots rely on lighting, attention to detail and ultimately on transforming an industrial subject into a striking image”

Adrian Waine, Photography for Industry

Working in photography, Adrian gets to meet people from all walks of life, as well as in a number of challenging environments. Knowing how to communicate the exact requirements of a shoot is integral to Adrian’s success.

Artistic trades often lead to introverted tendencies, but this is a no-no for Adrian.

“If you cannot talk to a client, how can you understand what they want?” he says.

Communication is at the core of every one of Adrian’s projects, which is why his finished products are so widely used among Atlas Copco’s website, social media, PR, exhibition and company brochures.

As photojournalist Alfred Eisenhadst once put it, “Photographers don’t need to be aggressive. If you can talk to people, you don’t need to push people around.”

Manufacturing Matters Magazine thanks Joanna Canton Long and Adrian Waine for their contribution.

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FEATURED IMAGE: Atlas Copco vacuum pumps removing air pockets and maintaining consistent product quality at Ibstock Brickworks

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