How your manufacturing business can capitalise on a post-Covid boom

How your manufacturing business can capitalise on a post-Covid boom

According to the latest data, UK manufacturing is experiencing a post-Covid boom, so how can your company take advantage of the optimism that is now flooding throughout the sector?

The figures look very promising, with manufacturing production increasing in April 2021, which continues a run of 11 successive positive months. This rise in output has been put down to the UK’s successful vaccine rollout, which has seen an easing of lockdown measures. Combined with a growth in output and new orders not seen for many years, more employment is being created.

Then there’s the ‘IHS Markit / CIPS Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)’, which reached 60.9 in April, up from 58.9 in March. It now stands at its highest level since July 1994’s record of 61.0.

Note of caution

Needless to say, these figures do not tell the whole story and the manufacturing sector continues to be hampered by supply-chain interruptions across the globe, leading to higher costs and price inflation.

The return of optimism is great news for the UK economy, but the increased activity in the manufacturing sector this year, needs to be tempered with the shock and slump that the sector has experienced in the wake of last year’s spring lockdown. Positive overall growth is welcome, but certain areas of manufacturing will still need to be cautious while it battles supply chain issues which are beyond its control.

New business

One of the most encouraging features of the recovery is an improvement in new business, with orders rising for the third straight month. This has been put down to a revival of the UK market, leading to improved consumer optimism and the re-opening of parts of the economy.

Confidence is high, with 66% of companies forecasting that output will be even higher in a year’s time. So how can your company capitalise and produce tangible sales growth on a continual basis?

“With manufacturers overcoming several problems that have been caused by Covid-19 and Brexit, they can now focus on recovery and planning new products,” says Ian L. George, who has spent the past 30 years developing techniques to reach the most influential people in international business, sport and politics.

Record-breaking figures are one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that every manufacturer is in the right place to take advantage of the growing market. Redundancies and the furlough scheme have disrupted business operations, including the sales function and it is this latter and critical feature of the commercial world which needs to feed any recovery.

Ian L George, The Silver Sales Bullet

Training and development

Ian believes that the manufacturing businesses which will enjoy the strongest growth, will be the ones that move forward by improving their internal systems, including their sales processes and training regimes, to take advantage of every opportunity.

It is simply not acceptable for businesses to use Covid-19 as an excuse for having a poor sales function. Whether you are a start-up or an established market leader, you are only as successful as your sales team is effective at ‘Opening Doors’ and ‘Closing Deals’.

Companies cannot assume that their operation will simply return to normal as staff return from furlough, the market has changed and your competitors may have stolen an advantage. Trained and motivated sales teams can spot what your customers need and offer the right solution

Ian L George, The Silver Sales Bullet

Need help with sales training?

The Silver Sales Bullet’ is a seven-week CPD certified course, broken down into 37 modules. The online presentations will give you the strategies, tactics and skills that will enable all members of staff to engage and communicate more effectively and harness a positive attitude that is based on the power of hope and belief.

The course will highlight how you can ‘Open Doors’ to your target clients, secure more customers and ‘Close More Deals’. This practical programme enshrines the experience and knowledge that Ian has acquired throughout the past 30 years, within a simple to apply framework, that is easy to manage and in which success will be secured.

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Barry Hunt is an award-winning journalist and editor with more than 25 years' experience in the media and PR industry.