HNC Ltd Reveals a Key to Save Manufacturers Time and Money

HNC Ltd Reveals a Key to Save Manufacturers Time and Money

If you work in a manufacturing business, there is a good chance that your machinery and production lines use rubber rollers.

Rubber rollers are used in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing processes, from steel mills in heavy industry to the production of medical supplies such as bandages.

Not surprisingly, the universal nature of rubber rollers, plus their ease of use and convenience, means the market is only expected to grow.

According to new findings from Data Bridge Market Research, other factors driving the business growth in the sector include advances in the textile industry which has seen a demand for fabric printing.

The research states that the rubber rollers market will see good growth by 2027, with a growth rate of 4.5% between 2020 and 2027.

The Cost of Maintaining Rubber Rollers

“The stresses of the manufacturing process mean that rubber rollers only have a limited operating life before they need to be replaced – which all costs time and money,” explains Michael Diskin, Managing Director of Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC Ltd).

“A typical production line in a factory would use quite a few rubber rollers and they would only last a month or so before they had to be replaced with spare rollers”

Michael Diskin, Halifax Numerical Controls

“The original rollers would then be sent off to be re-ground,” Michael continues.

“This is a costly process, as the old rollers need to be stored and then transported to another company which would do the re-grinding.”

“On average, each roller can take around 20 re-grinds, so that’s 20 trips. Companies can easily spend £500k a year on re-grinding their rollers.”

Is There a More Cost-effective Solution?

With these eye-watering costs appearing on the balance sheet every year, more and more manufacturing companies are seeking a cheaper, long-term solution.

“It is more cost effective to buy your own roller grinding machine and put it in a workshop next door,” says Mike.

“Grinding machines cost between £100k and £250k, so if you buy a machine it can pay for itself within six months”

Halifax-based, HNC Ltd was established in 1998 and started out refurbishing all types of machines tools.

“Soon after we were established, we started designing and building our own grinding machines, which are four times faster than traditional Grinding machines”

Michael Diskin, Halifax Numerical Controls

“We have six machines which are designed in the UK and most are manufactured in the UK,” concludes Mike. “They are easy to use and require minimal training. It’s about putting the owners in control of their rollers.”

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