Harding Yarns Supports Suppliers and Customers at Techtextil 2019

Harding Yarns Supports Suppliers and Customers at Techtextil 2019

The leading trade show for technical textiles, Techtextil 2019 recently took place in Frankfurt.

It is a showcase for a broad range of technical textiles in various applications across different sectors, including automotive, construction, aerospace and medicine. It also has exhibitors connected to technical textiles for clothing, furniture and sports.

One key attendee at Techtextil was Matthew Harding, representing Harding Yarns, who are a specialist yarn manufacturer, processor and supplier, based in Leek.

Here he talks about the functional importance of technical textiles.

“Function is the primary driver for technical textiles, and we are seeing big developments in this growing sector, meeting demands for high performance, where this is absolutely critical.”


The Spread of Technical Textiles

Textiles are ubiquitous in the modern world, but they offer so much more than conventional and historic applications.


“Technical textiles represent a high level of product innovation, including cutting-edge processing technologies resulting in products that provide essential protection and performance in a very broad variety of settings, across different sectors”

Matthew Harding, Harding Yarns


These textiles serve a broad range of markets for industrial fabrics, such as safety belts, harnesses and airbags, but also industrial and electrical conveyor belts, medical technology and geo textiles.

“Even well-established applications for textiles, such as ropes and sails in transport, have now entered a more technically advanced age. In fact, Harding Yarns began life winding silk for parachutes, whereas now we supply specialist industrial yarns to a diverse selection of customers.”


The Merging of Textiles with High Tech

Techtextil provides the ideal opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and customers to intersect, while highlighting the latest technological developments and innovations in textiles.

“The exhibition covers a wide range of technical facilities, textile technologies and wearable, functional textiles that draw on advanced technology to create unique properties.”

As an advanced, cutting-edge yarn manufacturer, Harding Yarns has taken the opportunity to broaden the potential for both its customer and supply bases and promote its specialist capabilities and examples of its products.

“We employ prototyping, research and analysis as part of our development processes, finding the right solutions for our customers.”


“At Techtextil there are over 100 countries represented, allowing us to reach a very wide audience, on a global scale”

Matthew Harding, Harding Yarns


Harding Yarns fits into the broader textiles sector, which also encompasses technical textiles, non-wovens and apparel textiles.

“The key benefit of attending Techtextil is exposure, in the context of the bigger picture, but where we can supply the essential differentiating detail surrounding our specialist yarn production.”


The next Techtextil is between May 4 – 7 2021.  Click here to save the date.

Picture: Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Pietro Sutero