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Manufacturers: Are Your Websites as Presentable as Your Premises?

For manufacturers, a factory is a work space, but it is also their shop window. Consequently, they must reconcile the demands of a working...

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Why Must Manufacturers Not Lose Their Online Visibility?

Increasingly, in a digital world, every business is customer facing, whether they know it or not. This is the message that Jonathan Guy of...

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Manufacturers: Why Aren’t Your Websites Working?

For some sectors, the concept of digital marketing is slow to take hold. Many businesses that are traditionally bricks and mortar by design...


Are Manufacturers Failing to Use LinkedIn Effectively?

Manufacturers and social media have not always felt well-matched. For some businesses, the issue is fundamental: what is social media for,...

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How is Telemarketing Successfully Supporting Manufacturing?

There is an opinion that B2B telemarketing is best suited to services, regardless of its proven effectiveness across a range of sectors. ...

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Product Launch: Are Your Promotional Gifts Culturally Appropriate?

With a service or product launch, you need to be able to educate your target audience about it. Marketing is about reaching this audience,...