Category: Engineering

Airbus AlbatrossOne

Airbus Engineers Inspire the Next Generation Of Aircraft Wings

Airbus engineers have developed a scale-model aeroplane with the first in-flight, flapping wing-tips that could revolutionise aircraft...

Manufacturing Technology Centre 2018 apprentice intake

Manufacturing Technology Centre Recruits Engineers Of The Future

The pioneering Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry is inviting the engineers of the future to look at apprenticeship...

subcon launchpad

Subcon Launchpad Turbocharges UK Engineering Start-up Scene

Subcon, the UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show, today unveiled the Subcon Launchpad and Launchpad Awards, to be...


Can Expert Manufacturing Innovate and Create Value?

The manufacturing sector in general has struggled since the 2009 recession. For some, the stark choice will be producing at either high...